Gauteng Fencing Association Rankings

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At present there are several ranking competitions and a closed championship in the fencing season for all age groups. The best 50 percent of the ranking competitions (rounding up for an odd number of ranking competitions) and the closed championships are used to calculate each fencer's ranking. The rankings are calculated on a 12-month moving window.

At present, the points awarded at competitions are based on the number of fencers entered (on a sliding scale). I am developing a system to incorporate the quality of the fencers, i.e. the number of top-ranked fencers entered.

At the end of each fencing season, the average number of fencers in each weapon in each age group is calculated and used as a basis for the next season. For each competition, the number of fencers in each weapon is divided by the respective average entry from the previous season. The square root of each ratio is then taken and multiplied by the standard points table. This is done to stop points scales increasing disproportionately as the numbers of fencers competing increases. Please look at the example below:

If a certain weapon had an average entry of 24 fencers in the previous season, and a competition has 31 entries, the scaling factor will be 1.14. Applying this to the standard points table will give the fencer ranked 6th in the competition 17 points.

Standard Points Table
Place Points
1 31
2 25
3 20
4 18
5 16
6 15
7 14
8 13
9 - 12 10
13 -16 7
17 - 24 5
25 - 32 3
33 - 64 1

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